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The Roadmap of NFD

"Everything added to the roadmap below, were created to raise the value of the NFDollar and our NFTs."
- Satoshi Panda

Creation of the Net Fungible Dollar

As of 6/22, other than adding a logo to NFD and closing the contract, this particular journey on our roadmap is complete. Now we need to raise cash for liquidity in order to get it on an Exchange. Our first exchange goal is Pancake Swap.


PreSale of the Net Fungible Dollar

As of 6/26/22, we have launched the presale for NFD. Once our goal is reached, the way our presale coding is written, the coins will automatically be released into your wallet. 

The purpose of Liquidity, gives NFD value and allows for its trade (the ability to buy and sell) on the exchange.


Creation & Launch of WEB3's 1st Events & NFT Marketplace

Our developers are working on an Events and NFT marketplace with the same features as opensea. What do we mean by Events? It will allow venues that host events, to be able to post their events and sell tickets. Every ticket that is sold will be minted as an NFT. 


Creation of BankwithSelf Multi vendor marketplace & P2P Service

Users will be able to easily send NFD to friends and family as easy as other apps like cashapp, venmo, etc. 

Businesses/Indisviduals that offer Products/Services will ve able to create a professional profile, list their service or product and invite their customers or clients to the profile and accept NFD as payment. This will raise the value of NFDollar the more individuals using this platform. This service will be free to use.


Creation of 10,000 LittPanda NFTs

Between 5-10,000 LittPanda NFT’s will be minted on opensea. Pease click the about us link for a detailed explanation of the allocation of NFD and more.


Creation of Payment Software Online and In-person that accepts NFD

We have already begin hiring developers to develop ecommerce, woo commerce and in person software for businesses with their own online store to accept NFdollar as payment. 


Creation of Pandai the PC Game & Expansion to the Metaverse



Creation of 420 Connek



Creation of our Birthday and Onlyfans type Platform



The Expansion of Visualize

A group that goal is to create a better world. Purchase of a property that will house the homeless, help the widows and children in need and build a library, etc.

"Visualize the world you want to live in and take the steps to make it a reality."
- Satoshi Panda

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